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Hi, welcome to the Forgive Me Father testing family

Want to say what's right, and whats wrong? Want to have the power to punish and forgive? Want to be the Judge of Deeds? Take on the role of a priest for the Church of Spades, in a remote parish, and help your people grow under the guidance of the Great Church of Spades. Forgive Me Father is a decision-making game in which the player has to balance the impulses of people. Some people steal, white others give, some people boast, while others are shy and introvert. It is you who will deliver Justice, however you see fit. And since great power also brings great responsability, it is you who will support the consequences of the Judgement you bring. - Analyze the sins of your subjects in the Confessionary - Survive long enough to fulfil the Mission of Spades - Take the pulse of your parish in the Tavern - Manage your Purse and your Family The Game Is Currently in it's Alpha Stage. More content and mechanics are planned. Developed in a basement, with care.

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